March 27, 2021 at 11:57

Picture Perfect

The highly skilled team of radiographers, sonographers and radiologist at Armadale Medical Imaging rely upon the very latest state of the art equipment. This ensures that the Practice can consistently produce outstanding imagery for optimal diagnosis and treatment. Routine procedures such as CT scans, X-rays and Ultrasound demand the most advanced technology to enable accurate interpretation of results needed to facilitate the most exacting diagnostic care.

One such vital imaging system at Armadale Medical Imaging is the CT scanner. It is used to take precision X-ray images from different angles to create dynamic cross-sectional imagery of the body. For this purpose, doctors and their referred patients can rest assured that Armadale Medical Imaging have invested in the ultimate CT Scanner from Germany. It is known by the brand name SOMATOM go.Up® and recognized as the world leader in CT scan technology. The imagery produced is nothing short of remarkable. This includes neuro examinations with perfectly crisp visualization of the brain and the supra aortic vessels; high quality angiography for vascular exams; colon and lung cancer screening, and much more. The superior imaging power and incredible resolution obtained helps in the detection of almost undetectable occult lesions.

The design of our CT scanner will put patients at perfect ease with ambient mood lighting and a camera that allows the CT technologist to adjust to even the slightest micro-movements for a superb view at all times.

Please note, that Patients need a Doctors referral for radiology services, but do have the freedom to choose the Radiology Practice they may prefer.