Biopsy/Fine Needle Aspirations/ Core biopsy/Fluid Drainage

Usually under imaging guidance a radiologist can perform the following procedures so that diagnostic samples may be sent to a pathology practice to be examined.


Using a biopsy needle the radiologist will take a sample of tissue. This is method is commonly used for breast lesions and Lymph Nodes.

Fine Needle Aspiration

A very fine needle is passed through an area of interest by the radiologist to gather a sample of cells that will be placed on slides. This method is often used for thyroids, breast lesions and lymph nodes.

Fluid Aspirations

Using a needle and syringe fluid can be aspirated (removed) from joints such as the knee, bakers cysts, ganglions and breast cysts. Sometimes this is sent or diagnostic tests other times just the drainage is performed.


With all interventional procedures some aftercare is needed. It is suggested that you rest for 24 to 48 hours afterwards, our reception staff can provide you a notice for your employer if needed. The radiologist or their assistant will advise you of when to take any dressings off. It can take up to two weeks for pain relief to take effect If you have any concerns after an interventional procedure please contact your referring physician as soon as you are able.